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Thread: Things keep scrolling and changing.

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    Exclamation Things keep scrolling and changing.

    Kubuntu 12.04

    Everything was working fine this morning, but this evening when I got back on the computer after work, it's showing weird behaviour. It's like the mouse wheel is being constantly scrolled, and yet not for all things.

    If I hover over the pager icon on my taskbar, my workspaces switch continuously until I take the mouse off.
    If I hold ctrl in Firefox while pointer is hovered over the page, the page will zoom in.
    I hover the point over the page in inkscape the whole document continues to scroll to the left.
    If I hover the pointer over the taskbar it switches through every open window on that workspace.

    Since I notice the error I have tried the following.
    Removed batteries from both my wireless keyboard and mouse while pointer was hovered over one of the above. Problem continues even with batteries removed from both keyboard and Mouse.
    Tried plugging in wired usb mouse, still does it using another mouse.
    Installed update available, including latest kernal updates.
    Restarted the computer.
    Restarted kdm.

    None of this worked.
    Urgently need to get this sorted as I need it working smoothly to do jobs I have lined up. This is very annoying.
    I have also done a google search but couldn't find much.

    I late last night tried removing the actual usb wireless reciever for the mouse and keyboard and reinserting it and it came right.
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