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Thread: 12.04 No Bluetooth adapters found all of a sudden

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    12.04 No Bluetooth adapters found all of a sudden

    I am using 12.04 and connected a Logitech mouse via Bluetooth when I first set it up. I noticed one day when I tried to connect another mouse to it via Bluetooth that in my settings-> Bluetooth it said 'No Bluetooth adapters found' and I couldn't connect to my computer. I was however, still able to use the mouse which I setup and connected with initially.

    I am using a 'Nano Receiver' from Logitech in one of my USB ports. I have moved it around to other USB inputs with no success. Now all of a sudden even the original mouse won't connect (I put in a new battery to make sure it wasn't that).

    What might be causing this. I'm relatively new to Ubuntu and now sure where to go next with this. Thanks in advance.

    20 minutes later the original mouse started working again. It still says no wireless adapter found though.
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