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Thread: Ubuntu 12 on Samsung 830 series?

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    Ubuntu 12 on Samsung 830 series?


    I've got a few bad sectors on an old(and I mean OLD) hdd that is running an older version of Ubuntu. I'm thinking of just copying all of my files(music, pictures etc) onto flash drives and doing a clean install of the newest Ubuntu onto an ssd.

    Now, I've read some wonky things about the Samsung 830 series and firmware updates (these folks reporting problems have Windows OS) that seem to kill the ssd.

    Does anyone have any experience with these drives, particularly with the newest Ubuntu? I'm considering purchasing one (model: mz-7pc128b/11)


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    Re: Ubuntu 12 on Samsung 830 series?

    Hey maskerose. I am currently running Ubuntu 12.04 on an Samsung 830. 128 GB. I dont have any problems at all. Before the Samsung i had a OCZ Petrol wich died after two weeks. The Samsung I am using six months now. No problems, no performance degradation. I love this SSD.

    I put the Samsung into my laptop, installed Ubuntu, did a few tweaks and it works like a charm.

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