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    Re: Howto : GfxBoot ( Grub like suse )

    Made a mod of the SuSE GFXBoot theme. Basically its a mash up of this SVG icon by Sairitupac Vasquez and this wallpaper by Paul Beyens.

    I know nothing about QEMU, EMU or any flightless birds so I just took a screenie with me mobile. If some kind person fancies running it through a virtual PC thingy and doing a screenie then that would be much appreciated. (thanks Kno) There are two problems with it:

    1) There is a slight artifact around the ubuntu icon - I've spent hours brushing to minimise JPG artifacts, but there's only so much I can should be barely noticeable now. Its due to the complexity of the background - if people like this then I'll do another on a plainer background and get the logo 100%

    2) The original SuSE theme screws up a little if you scroll down the kernel / OS options - seems to be because that panel needs to be shoved to the left a bit or made into 1024x768 rather than 800x600. Mine does the doesn't effect functionality or anything, but if I do another, then I'll correct it (it was too late by the time I noticed it on this one).


    After doing all the GFXBoot palaver, just unzip the theme and copy it to /boot/grub/ then add
    gfxmenu /boot/grub/message.ubugrey
    to the top of the /boot/grub/menu.lst file. Presumably you should remove any other themes you have there (such as message.suse)
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