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Thread: Howto : GfxBoot ( Grub like suse )

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    Howto : GfxBoot ( Grub like suse )

    Gfxboot makes grub look nicer but with the same features
    In this howto you will install gfxboot and a suse theme for it, soon I'll make an ubuntu one
    Ok, let's start

    Download the grub-gfxboot.deb
    And the message.suse

    First remove your old grub
    sudo apt-get remove grub
    Then Install the gfxboot-grub
    sudo dpkg -i grub-gfxboot_0.97-5_i386.deb
    then we're going to move the message
    sudo cp message.suse /boot/grub/ # the suse can be replaced by the one you downloaded
    Then edit your menu.lst

    sudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst_backup
    sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
    and make it use gfxboot
    gfxmenu /boot/grub/message.suse # the suse can be replaced

    Then do :
    sudo grub
    grub> find /boot/grub/stage1
     (hdx,y) # this will be the output
    grub> root (hdx,y)
    grub> setup (hdx)
    -- Howto make you own theme --

    mkdir /home/name/whatever
    cpio -i < /boot/grub/message.suse # replace it by the name of you message
    edit the pictures
    sudo ls . |cpio -o > /boot/grub/
    Reboot and enjoy
    Thanks to Quasar_freak and kno

    here are some themes posted in this thread ( ty )

    Light Green generic theme [message.gobo] | Link | Screenshot
    Dark Brown (Dapper look) generic theme [] | Link | Screenshot
    Medium blue kubuntu theme [message.kubuntu] | Link | Screenshot
    Dark grey ubuntu theme [message.ubugrey] | Link | Screenshot
    Medium brown ubuntu theme [message.ububrown] | Link | Screenshot
    Light orange ubuntu theme [message.ubu] | Link | Screenshot
    Red ubuntu theme [] | Link | Screenshot
    Fuzzy blue and black ubuntu theme [message.bluspash] | Link | Screenshot
    White / Grey Snowish generic theme [message.snow] | Link | Screenshot
    Linspire-style blue kubuntu theme [message.kubu] | Link | Screenshot
    Old- Grub style dark blue and light blue [message.kubu] | Link | Screenshot
    Light blue / grey Xubuntu theme [message.xubu] | Link | Screenshot[/QUOTE]

    Grtz PingunZ
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