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Thread: Everything has been deleted/reset?

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    Red face Everything has been deleted/reset?

    I turned my laptop on today and it didn't ask for my password...and then i find that all my files are gone and all the original icons in the icon tray? are there without the ones i had put there myself(such as gimp, rhythmbox, etc).

    It still says that the administrator is me, and all the applications i downloaded are still here, just none of my files.

    I was running 12.10 with windows 8 in virtualbox, is that the problem? I'm not sure if this is a hardrive or OS problem and I don't know where to start. I'm not too worried about losing my files since I had it backed up.

    I don't think anyone messed with it because I have my laptop with me wherever I go...

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    Re: Everything has been deleted/reset?

    Excuse me....I am completely stupid and didn't realize it was in guest mode.

    Logged onto my account and everything is fine! I'm kicking myself for being so dumb haha


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