Well, it's just as the title says. I'm running 12.10, and honestly I'm stumped as to what my problem is.

Sometimes my computer will fail to boot multiple times in a row, then all the sudden work great. Usually during the failed boots I get an error message "grub: out of disk", and I have to turn off the computer. Sometimes, I get that same message, and it will boot fine until the desktop loads, then everything will freeze except the mouse pointer. After a couple tries, it will work just fine (I'm posting this on it right now!).

Usually the only time it will freeze after a successful boot is when I'm playing around with large files, such as unzipping games or launching a VM. Rather than that, it doesn't freeze unless I get an error message while booting. When it does freeze, everything but the mouse pointer will be unresponsive, but I can still use ctrl alt f1-6 to get to a console, but my default x server is unresponsive and will not respond until I restart. Usually, when it does freeze up, I get the above error message while booting and it takes a couple restarts to get up and running again.

It can go days without having a hiccup or it can have a day where it takes 10 restarts for it to actually boot.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.