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Thread: Epoptes issue

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    Question Epoptes issue

    Fresh Edubuntu 12.04 install
    all updates completed
    school network of 20 PCs
    Ethernet cable network with Internet connection working fine. DHCP router working fine
    Epoptes client on startup applications folder in all PCs
    Epoptes server application started on teacher's PC
    No LTSP installed

    Epoptes application doesn't see any computer at all.
    Epoptes window interface is very poor and documentation on the internet is even poorer or too specifical.

    I don't really from where to start to fix this, I guess, stupid issue.

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    Re: Epoptes issue

    It looks like you missed change the profesor (server) computer name, or ip address (if it has a static ip address) in each client (student) conf file.

    After that changes you must run a:

    sudo epoptes-client -c

    in each one client PC.

    Take a look at my blog. It's wrote in spanish, but you can traslate it with Google.

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