I just upgraded from Xubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 (mainly to be able to use my new Wacom Bamboo-pen, which wasn't recognised by 11.10). I configured the Gimp to be able to use the pressure sensitivity. Everything works as it should, except when I try to save or save-as a file I created in or opened in Gimp (version 2.6). The dialogwindow from Thunar (version 1.2.3) opens up, but when I try to choose a map to save in, Thunar freezes. I only can close Thunar by clicking on the X. Saving my drawing is only possible by closing the Gimp and then, in the warning-window, choosing Save. Then it works fine.

After some experimenting I found out that when I go to "Preferences/Input Devices/Configure extended input devices" and reset the mode for the Bamboo pen to "Disconnected" in stead of to "Screen", everything works fine again, but... I can't use pressure sensitivity anymore.

As I use the Gimp quite a lot, this workaround is really a problem for me.
Re-installing the Gimp didn't help.

If someone knows an answer short of re-installing the whole Xubuntu, I should be very grateful,