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Thread: Ubuntu hangs on loading

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    Ubuntu hangs on loading

    Need your help badly!

    My ubuntu crushed today. After reboot it hangs on the Ubuntu logo page. In the bootup process it stops at "Starting VirtualBox kernel modules". I went to recovery mode and removed the VirtualBox software with "sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-ose --purge" however it still loads it...

    I don't think it is the Virtualbox. I did play with lightdm and gdm and X config before it crushed. It was first showing that lightdm failed to load. I changed it to GDM with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm" however it still doesn't load...

    Mine is Ubuntu 11.10. I don't remember installed any suspicious update...


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    Re: Ubuntu hangs on loading

    Could anybody please help... This PC is really important to me


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