Hi all.

I am attempting to install 12.04LTS from live CD onto an Asus R500V laptop for a friend of mine. She is somewhat visually impaired and suffers a muscle wasting condition and was using 10.04LTS on a previous laptop because it was so configurable for her needs.
Unfortunately the old laptop failed, and her insurance paid for this one.
I have gone through the basic 12.04 installation, having changed the boot drive to the DVD, but when the machine restarted there was no option to boot into Ubuntu. I had a quick search around and found a number of threads and blogs relating to UEFI, but I am reluctant to change anything else in the setup for fear of voiding her warranty. If necessary, I will try to configure Windows 7 to meet her needs, but Ubuntu is better.
Can anyone offer advice or a solution to this issue? Is it common?

Thanks in advance,