I'm a bit long-winded so see bottom for quick version and specs.

Friendly Hello:
Hello all at the Ubuntu forums, I just recently built my own computer and decided to switch to Ubuntu for the extra coolness. I've been learning a lot through all this, and mostly been trying to figure out issues on my own (read: Google searches). However, I couldn't seem to find others with this problem so I've come here for help.

Detailed Recount:
So I just used WINE and WINETRICKS to install Steam. All went well and it worked. Then I went to trying a game out. I remembered that Orcs Must Die! worked from http://www.steamgamesonlinux.com/ so I tried that out. After selecting to download it, that's when the problem occurred. The screen suddenly zoomed in!!! I think it's the resolution right? Half the screen is cut off and I can't see parts of the right side of windows. My theory is that this is due to Direct X being installed through Steam, as Steam automatically installed it as I chose to download the game. It didn't even ask me to install Direct X or not ): It all happened so fast. This all being said, the game works fine! It looks a little strange, as if the resolution was off, but it played just fine.

What I did so far:

Restarted my computer. Didn't work -_- Researched Steam installing DirectX on Ubuntu then messing up resolution and couldn't really find anything. Researched uninstalling DirectX from Ubuntu but only found uninstalling DirectX after having been installed with Wine, not through Steam. Got mad and ate my feelings.

Quick Version:
Steam installed with Wine and Winetricks. Steam downloaded and installed game + DirectX. Resolution messed up now (I think; pretty sure), can't fix it, very annoying, halp!

Ubuntu Version 12.04
Wine Version 1.4.1
Have not changed any settings in Wine
Using Winetricks
Graphics Card: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/pro...px?pid=4361#sp
Drivers: Proprietary (Installing those were a LOT of fun)
If any more information is needed I am ready to report.

Thank You:

Thanks a lot for your help and all the work you do to support noob ubuntuers like me (: