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Thread: Setup up Ubuntu with Hybrid SSD (Dual Booting)

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    Setup up Ubuntu with Hybrid SSD (Dual Booting)

    I have a Samsung series 7 Gamer laptop currently running Windows 7.

    Specs are:

    Screen Size 17.3 inches
    Processor Type Intel Core i7 3610QM
    Processor Speed 2.3 GHz (Turbo boost upto 3.3GHz)
    Memory RAM Size 16 GB
    Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
    Hard Drive 1 - 750 GB with 8GB SSD Hybrid
    Hard Drive 2 - 750 GB
    Graphics Card Description NVIDIA GeForce GT 675M
    Graphics Card Ram Size 2 GB
    USB 3.0

    As you can see my primary hard drive has a 8GB SSD. What would be the best way to install ubuntu. Currently windows uses a program called ExpressCache using the SSD for the cache.

    What would be the best option for dual-booting?
    I was reading, and trying to see if there was a similar post.

    I don't fully understand the partitioning (root, swap, home) But I get the basics
    From what I was able to understand, Swap space should be more than the RAM? But with 16gb of RAM, isn't that a lot?

    Would the best set-up be installing Root onto the SSD, having 32gb (Double the RAM) as a swap on the Primary Hard-drive alongside windows and keeping home on the same drive. (I assume I would have to partition the 750gb hard drive with windows)

    Also, if Ubuntu uses the SSD, windows would then be unable to use it correct?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Setup up Ubuntu with Hybrid SSD (Dual Booting)

    Can you boot from an Ubuntu CD/USB and post the ouptut of sudo fdisk -l. That will show how Ubuntu sees the hybrid hdd. There is probably no need for swap with so much RAM available.


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