Hi. The Ubuntu repositories contain a wonderful piece of software called hostapd. With this package, I've been able to set up a 802.11 access point (infrastructure mode) on my laptop, enabling me to share my internet connection to handheld devices like my phone.

The problem is that running hostapd as such requires a bit of command-line dirty work and, furthermore, I currently need to start it manually in a terminal every time I log in for it to work.

I would like to make, instead, a service which loads up at boot time with minimal user input required.

The procedure for setting up hostapd in this mode I found here: http://nims11.wordpress.com/2012/04/...-access-point/

The dependencies for this procedure are:
  • hostapd
  • dhcp3-server

I need to create two different scripts or programs:
  1. A 'setup' or 'installation' script which creates the appropriate hostapd and dhcpd .conf files, and
  2. A 'boot' or 'service' script which starts dhcpd and hostapd at boot time.

I intend to make both of these scripts in a high-level language like Python. Will that work

Also, where should I place the 'boot' script for it to be executed at load time

And finally, how do I make a package which lists hostapd and dhcp3-server as its dependencies and runs the 'setup' script when it is installed