I'm having a very interesting problem with Lubuntu...

I set up a couple of Samba shares on an old desktop. It sits in my dorm room at school and I use it for just storing/sharing files. I'm able to connect to it perfectly fine while on campus. My SSH works, I can connect by the normal means from both Mac and PC.

Now, while I've been on vacation and am off the local network, I cannot connect to my server in Windows (by Run > \\HOSTNAME), nor can I connect to it on my Mac (Go > Connect to Server: HOSTNAME). The weird part is I can still connect to it via SSH and I can ping it, both with the hostname.

I had Windows try diagnosing the connection for me as a long shot and found that my server wasn't responding to requests over Port 445. So, "duh", I thought. I allowed port 139 in the firewall but not 445. So I added the allow rule to the firewall and still, nothing - even after rebooting the entire server.

So my question is, what on earth have I done wrong? I works perfectly fine while I'm on campus, but hasn't worked at all off campus. The really confusing part is that I can still SSH into it.