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Thread: Partial keyboard freeze on asus ux32vd

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    Partial keyboard freeze on asus ux32vd

    Hi, new to ubuntu here and trying to figure out if I have a hardware problem. I for the first time installed ubuntu 12.04 (64bit) on a new laptop, ASUS ux32vd two months ago.

    Recently my Keyboard froze partially. Partially as in general the first 1-3 buttons in each row (from left) works, but nothing else. Things to note:
    1) An external keyboard plucked into an usb port works fine.
    2) They keyboard doesn't work during startup (no entering the bios or choosing from the grub menu).
    3) Keyboard doesn't work if I boot ubuntu live from an usb stick.

    The problem appeared first after a start up while a few hours earlier I was trying to fix the apparently classic problem with freezing after suspend by trying various forum tips. Including updating the kernel (booting into the old version of the kernel does not solve the problem) and the tip in this thread (deleting the files again since it didn't work). I am however not certain the problems with the keyboard arose here, and I am almost certain I restarted a final time after playing around exactly to check if I had screwed something up.

    So, question: Any idea if I have a hardware problem and what I could do to check it?


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    Re: Partial keyboard freeze on asus ux32vd

    I forget to follow up on this. It was a hardware issue, and Asus repaired it fairly quick and without any issues.


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