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Thread: Dumb I know, but..

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    Dumb I know, but..

    I have had no contact with this o/s whatsoever, so here goes,
    I have just loaded Ubuntu 12.10 and everything is sweet, but, firing up Rythmnbox and my Walkman I am expecting an 'assistant' thingy to handhold me through getting my existing music and podcast files from my Walkman to Rhythmbox but I see no assistant anywhere. The helpfile tells me to expect it when I first connect but it didn't happen. Is there a way for me to invoke this manually, or can you suggest a different (and painless) way for me to do it.

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    Re: Dumb I know, but..

    Maybe your Walkman is not getting mounted. A simple test. Plug in your walkman and reboot. Then try Rythmbox.


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