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Thread: Need help finding PanP6 power button cable

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    Need help finding PanP6 power button cable

    Hi, I opened up my 3 year old Pangolin to replace the audio jack.

    Upon putting it back together, the ribbon connecting the power button to the mobo inadvertently got repositioned on top of 2 screw holes and what was to happen happened. The ribbon now has 2 very nice and very round holes that render it unusable. So, I'm looking for a spare.

    The ref number is E235863 AWM 20798 80C 60V VW-1.

    It seems this is a generic number that designates a wide array of ribbons like these, varying in width, length and pin number. Looking at my damaged cable it seems to be:

    250 mm long
    5mm wide
    4 pins.

    After googling for these specs for almost an hour, I suspect that I'll have some problems locating this item. Help is appreciated.

    P.S. Being located in montreal, canada, I would prefer if it was shipped from within North America, for speed and cost, but that's of course a preference.
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    Re: Need help finding PanP6 power button cable

    Have you opened a support ticket on our website? I can't guarantee we can get one shipped to you (that may be a non-user serviceable part), but we can certainly look into it.
    Ian Santopietro - System76 Technical Support.
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