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Thread: Dual Boot Reinstallation Problems

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    Dual Boot Reinstallation Problems


    So windows no longer boots but ubuntu does. I want to reinstall both however because the changes I have made to various settings is off and it would be easier to fix them by just reinstalling (not to mention it is an outdated version).

    However, when I try to boot from a flash drive ubuntu, it continually brings me to this:

    despite their being an open partition and me giving priority to usb booting in BIOS. How do I make this stop?


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    Re: Dual Boot Reinstallation Problems

    It's either not booting the usb despite the priority you set, or the usb is not correctly made.

    Can you try booting it on another computer to see if it works?

    And double check the boot priority. Also you can try using the boot menu that most newer boards have, like a one off choice where to boot from without changing boot priority in bios.

    Note that usb sticks sometimes are called usb-hdd.
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    Re: Dual Boot Reinstallation Problems

    I changed that priority as well and it didn't change anything. I'll go try it on someone else's computer now and find out how to make a correct boot for a usb drive.

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