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Thread: Ubuntu efi disaster.

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    Ubuntu efi disaster.

    Just got a new laptop, Fujitsu Lifebook AH532. Installed Ubuntu 12.10 on it (overwriting Windows) because I had heard it had good efi support. Indeed it does, too good perhaps, because now the only thing I can do is to boot Ubuntu, nothing else.

    I can't access the bios, cant boot from usb, cant boot from cd/dvd, all those options are gone. I installed boot-repair carried out a repair but nothing has changed. The comprehensive information it provides is here:

    Maybe boot-repair is not the answer since Ubuntu boots perfectly, but what is? I can't install a second distro, I can't reinstall the first one, I can't run any repair tools (unless they run from within Ubuntu like boot-repair), I can't use tools like gparted (because all my partitions are mounted). I have a disk image of the original disk, but I can't use it because I can't run Clonezilla to clone it back to the drive.

    Basically I am just completely stuck.

    Any ideas?

    NB. If you read the pastebin output ignore all refernces to /dev/sdb, it is not a boot device and it makes no difference to anything even if it is unplugged.
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