So, finally (sigh of relief) got my Ubuntu back. Everyone knows how troubling computer systems can be at times. I had to trade my laptop in for a desktop, and it has win xp . Of course I went to the Ubuntu download and tried to get the latest version. That didn't work; due to the hardware on the build I purchased for 60 usd. What did work was Lubuntu, so I am happy. I am having an issue with the OS dropping out and restarting randomly. When it comes back online the mouse cursor is missing. I hope this is a flag to someone and they can illuminate on my problem. So, my new OS is a little unstable. It might be my hardware. It is Intel 2.6 Celron. I don't have money this month whatever.
If anyone has any ideas on how to stabilize my current setup that would help me a billion. Thx.