I am trying to create a tar backup script. I used the following article as my baseline:

And this is what I ended up creating:
# init

DATE=$(date +20%y%m%d)

sudo tar -cvpzf /tmp/`hostname`_$DATE.tar.gz \
--exclude=/proc \
--exclude=/lost+found \
--exclude=/sys \
--exclude=/mnt \
--exclude=/media \
--exclude=/dev \
--exclude=/tmp \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Desktop \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Documents \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Music \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Pictures \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Projects \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Roms \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/Videos \
--exclude="/home/jlacroix/.VirtualBox VMs" \
--exclude=/home/jlacroix/.SpiderOak \

scp /tmp/`hostname`_$DATE.tar.gz jlacroix@Pluto:/share/Recovery/Snapshots

sudo rm /tmp/`hostname`_$DATE.tar.gz
The problem is that as it runs, it tries to backup the tar backup file itself. I don't understand why, since the backup file lives inside /tmp. which is one of the directories I told it to exclude.

My second question, is if my exclusion of the ".Virtualbox VMs" folder is correct. It was the only folder that has a space in it, so I wrapped it in double quotes. Was that the right thing to do, or should I put all paths in double quotes to make it consistent?