I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Ubuntu. I've been using Ubuntu (via wubi install) for roughly one year. Recently I began having trouble with my Internet connection. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Ubuntu (version 10.04). This unfortunately did not fix the problem.

When I begin using Firefox, I am able to access 2 or 3 websites before it stops working. At that point in time, I can not access anything through the Internet (including the Software Center). I've looked all around the forums and on Google, and while I've seen similar problems, I've yet to find a solution.

I've also tried using other browsers, but that doesn't work either. When I access the Windows OS, the Internet works fine without any problems. I'm also using a wifi connection, just FYI. But the wifi works fine with other devices I have connected to it. When I ping a website, I get 100% packet loss. If I wait 5 or 10 minutes after no connection, then I'm able to access 2 or 3 websites again before losing connection all over again. Not sure what else to do... Any help would be greatly appreciated!