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Thread: Samba share GUI not letting me add a user

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    Samba share GUI not letting me add a user

    Fresh install of 12.04 on old Dell Dimension, then immediately upgraded to 12.10.

    I'm trying to create a Samba share using the Samba gui application listed in Software Center. I've done this many, many times before with the GUI. However this time, the dialogue box is not allowing me to create a password. I'm choosing "Only allow access to specific users" but there is nothing to click on to add a user. I clicked on the empty white box and something weird happens. If I just start typing, a text entry box pops up. I enter a username but I do not see it listed after hitting enter. Vey strange behavior for a GUI application. Missing text/instruction lines and maybe a button or two as well.

    I uninstalled then re-installed. No change.
    Ran dpkg-reconfigure samba. No change.
    Ran dpkg-reconfigure system-config-samba. No change.

    Any ideas?
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