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Thread: PSU Question

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    PSU Question

    Hi, I'm in the process of building a computer, and here are my parts so far:

    Asus Z77 Maximus V Gene

    Intel i5-3570k

    8 gig Adata memory, 4x2

    Corsair CX 430 V2

    Now my nvidia 7600 gt is getting old and rusty, and I'm probably going to get the new 640 gt, and I was wondering whether the new PSU i'm getting will be able to handle both, as my old 550w PSU has that old 4-pin instead of the 8, and I don't want to risk all that on the line with a 4 to 8 adaptor.

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    Re: PSU Question

    unless you are doing some serious overclocking yuo can you your 4pic CPU plug, adapters are pointless since the point is to get more power to the cpu, an adapter would just split what power you have to 8 pins
    a 8 pin cpu plug should also support a pin plug, i saw one board that came with a dust cap for the second 4 pins
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    Re: PSU Question

    Quote Originally Posted by codingman View Post
    Now my nvidia 7600 gt is getting old and rusty, and I'm probably going to get the new 640 gt
    The 7600gt and 640gt both use 65 Watts @ max power draw.

    You should calculate the max power draw of your entire system, cpu, gpu, MB, HDD, optical drives etc and see if it leaves you with any head room.

    That said I would just get a 600-650W PSU (seems to be what most builders are using) and sleep peacefully at night. Stick to corsair, antec, seasonic as they are great brands. The PSU is the most important part of any system build.
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    Re: PSU Question

    I would go with a 800w PSU, preferably one that is rated Bronze or higher.. You can use less, but the extra watts may come in handy if you feel like a extra HDD or more in the future and if you feel like adding LEDs and Cathodes for flare.. Always better to have more then you need then to pull to heavy of a load on the PSU and cause the whole system to overheat and burn up..
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