I was trying to learn my way around the terminal and there's been one command i haven't been able to understand fully. I started by doing simple commands such as creating a new folder/directory = mkdir
then i opened nano within the terminal
typed up a txt file and "wrote it" in my home folder (~)
then i tried making a backup copy
I entered
cp (file name) (new file name and i also tried copying it to another directory)
so it worked and i was able to copy the original file and i just added the word backup to it and i also was able write a copy in my "Backup" folder in my ~ directory
But then i tried to do it with a .odt file and it doesn't work. Is this command limited to .txt files? Also are there any other commands for making backups?
I plan to use the "Backup" directory i created to copy all my important files and dumping them to a usb, for now, but i will eventually get an external drive to store all my backups. But i plan to use the "Backup" folder as a temporary folder where i will periodically cut and paste all the backups of my files to an external storage device. Is this a good method of backing up if not what would you recommend.