Hi guys and girls,
i am having ubuntu 12.04 and windows installed (Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 )
for many times i have 3 partition on my pc .
i use many apps for backup and restore of my win partition for example ghost and acronis , always i make backup and when my pc fall in problem i try restore that !
But that app delete all my partition and i lost all my data and all my partition lost and only on partition show !
that was that restored partition !
for know when i use ubuntu i see this is very very good and have no bug !
i try make backup of my partition c and d ( i have ssd 128 )
c is win 7 120gig
d is ubuntu 6 gig
i want to save them in my external hard 1T western .
my question is this :
if i make back up in ubuntu from C and D in my external driver when my win7 or ubuntu have problem , can i restore them ?
i want this app format that partition before restore and not want lost my partition or lost my dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 !