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oh, I believe the dist-upgrade did upgrade the distribution at one time or another, maybe not. Dunno.

Have you tried to fix broken pacakges with this?
apt-get -f install
no I haven't tested it and am going to do and will report the result but before this I have to mention something important, maybe all these issues emerged after trying to install samba package! with these commands in terminal:

sudo apt-get install samba
I can't remember why I want to install it but one of the problems that exist in my system and exactly appear when partial upgrade message comes up is the problem report request and when I click report button Ubuntu internal error message appears as bellow:

Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an inrernal error
in details it is written:
samba4 4.0.0-beta2+dfsg1-3
Problem Type:
Title: samba_dnsupdate crashed with RuntumeError in get_credentials(): kinit for Ubuntu$@UBUNTU-DOMAIN failed (Cannot contact any KDC for requested realm)
Is this the source of my problems?