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Thread: Importing Thunderbird address book from Windows

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    Importing Thunderbird address book from Windows

    I am a COMLETE beginner not only with Ubuntu so please make any answer easy for me please! I've got a full address book with windows vista and it would be great if I can import this to Ubuntu which i am trying and downloaded inside windos. Is it poassible?

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    Re: Importing Thunderbird address book from Windows

    I have shared my entire Firefox & Thunderbird profiles for the last 6 years and many updates between XP & Ubuntu. I also copy entire profile to my laptop when travelling & copy back.

    I find it easier to manually do the copy. In Ubuntu start Thunderbird just once and it will create a new profile.ini and new profile directory like xxxxxx.default. In Ubuntu the .thunderbird folder is a hidden folder, so in nautilus click on view and show hidden. Then copy your Windows xxxxx.default into .thunderbird and edit profile.ini with new XXXX.default name.

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