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Thread: OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software Ubuntu CE

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    OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software Ubuntu CE

    OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software.

    This post is about OpenLP a program which can show "projections" on the wall of the worship center.

    There are several parts to the post:

    a) A very short introduction to Open LP.
    b) Have you installed Ubuntu CE? Then do this.
    c) Have you installed "Bible packages" on an Ubuntu and want to download the provided version or do you want to download the latest version?
    d) What happens on a "first run" of the software?
    e) General comments on just how GREAT this software is and how easy it is to use!

    a) A very short introduction to OpenLP.

    You have your first install of Ubuntu CE and are wondering what you can do with it.

    There are many, many, things, but one of them is to have a "projection" worship service and spend no money, except in a donation.

    OpenLP will use your UbuntuCE that you have on a computer that is attached to a "projector" that has been donated, or purchased, or rented, to put wonderful slides of Bible verses, songs, etc. on the "wall" for parishoners to see and with which to sing along!

    If you have continued reading this then you probably do not know about OpenLP.

    Here is link to the main site.

    b) Have you installed Ubuntu CE? Then do this:

    If you downloaded and installed the latest Ubuntu CE then you already have OpenLP on your computer, just click it and enjoy!

    However, perusing the site will be of great assistance.

    If you want to upgrade to the latest version then go on to (c) below.

    c) Have you installed "Bible packages" on an Ubuntu and want to download the provided version or do you want to download the latest version?

    If you have installed the "Bible packages", etc. on a "plain" Ubuntu and do not know about OpenLP then this post is for you!

    One can install from the Ubuntu Software center but it is an older version.

    NOTE: If it is not in your software center then you "may" need a "PPA" for it. If the install from the site does not work for you then just so post.

    For the latest version here is how to do it.

    Here is a link (same as above) to the application's home page whereat one can peruse what is going on with OpenLP.

    There is a download button on the home page: click the button.

    One is taken to a page where there is a listing of different operating systems for OpenLP.

    Click the Ubuntu button which says "main".

    One is then taken to a page at "packages: UBUNTU". There is a listing of the "depends" and the "packages".

    One need not concern ones self with them.

    At the bottom is the complete package under a lable: Download openlp.

    Click the word "all".

    One arrives at a page with a huge list of "mirrors". A "mirror" is a place, usually a university, that hosts the file for people to download.

    Pick one that is on the same continent as yourself.

    If it doesn't work, the server may be down for maintenance, then just pick another one.

    NOTE on download times: Using a wireless internet hookup to cable, this author had the whole package download in about ten seconds in the continental U.S.

    This author had a notice pop to the effect of "do you want to download this?" Click yes.

    The file should arrive in the "downloads" part of the file system.

    To find the downloads folder go to the left panel and click the beige folder that is just under the brown "launcher" button with the Ubuntu symbol in it.

    In "downloads" one will see a white square with a red curly symbol that says "debian". The title will be, as of this writing: openlp_1.9.11-1_all.deb.

    Click it and Ubuntu Software Center will open.

    If one does not have OpenLP already on the system then there will be a button to click for "install".

    If one is running UbuntuCE then the button will say "upgrade".

    In either case click the button, it will install and one can then run the software.

    d) What happens on a first run of the software.

    (One may get an "upgrade" notice, if one wants to so do, do! )

    i) It will take a minute for the OS to get the databases, etc. in order.
    ii) One will first see an "autodect" for language, click it, unless one knows that something else needs to be done.
    iii) One then sees a series of windows that allow one to choose various Bibles, languages, open source songs, and "sample" slide presentations.

    This author clicked all of them, that were appropriate to English and U.S. except "remote access" (that was on the first interactive screen).

    One can always alter this setup at a later time.

    e) General comments on just how GREAT this software is and how easy it is to use!

    This author cannot "sing the praises" of this software too loudly!

    The gentle reader will have to peruse the software for oneself to find all the wonderful things about it but here are two instances.

    i) One is presented with a "box" that has three big sections.
    ii) At first the left box is ticked to "songs". When it is clicked a bunch of "open source" songs are presented. One can click them and things appear "on the slide" in the middle.
    iii) Below that is "Bibles"
    iv) Click it and choose a Bible and.....then watch in awe...
    v) in the search field type a familiar passage such as "John 3:16" and hit enter.
    vi) It appears!
    vii) Click it and it appears in the slide in the middle!

    This software is just a marvel.

    So....enjoy puttering around with it!

    If there are questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Re: OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software Ubuntu CE

    A friend of the author just returned from an extended stay with Family in Vermon, he went to view the fall colours, and we were recollecting about this and that and it came to mind that somewhere in the nooks and crannies of the author's kitchen there was a recipe from Vermont.

    The question then arises in the reader's mind what a recipe from Vermont has to do with OpenLP?

    Well..... when one has the software installed and the "usual" stuff projected for the congregation.... what next....?

    Something to intrigue the folks?

    Aaaanddd if one puts it up maybe twenty minutes before service starts and then takes it down about ten minutes before service starts....

    All the "late to go to meetin' " will miss out! and the regulars get a treat!

    How about a recipe from the Oar and Anchor restaurant in Vermont?

    Slap this up on the projector the week before Thanksgiving or Christmas .. and you'll have the folks a buzzin' in the pews!

    Just copy, paste, and enjoy!

    Oar and Anchor Scripture Cake
    An old Vermont Recipe

    1 and 1/2 cup Judges 5th chapter 25th verse
    2 cups Jeremiah 6th chapter 20th verse
    4 and 1/2 cups Kings 4th chapter 22nd verse
    2 cups 1st Samuel 30th chapter 12th verse
    2 cups Naham 3rd chapter 12th verse
    1 cup Numbers 17th chapter 8th verse
    1/2 cup Judges 4th chapter 19th verse
    2 tsp 1st Samuel 14th chapter 25th verse
    2 tsp Amos 4th chapter 5th verse
    6 tsp. (whole) Jeremiah 17th chapter 11th verse
    1 pinch Leviticus 2nd chapter 13th verse

    Season to taste according to 2nd Chronicles 9th chapter 9th verse

    Follow Solomon's prescription for making a cake:

    Proverbs 14th chapter 23rd verse.



    Of course it assured that the "old hands" who read this forum already know the ingredients, they are for those who are in a "stew" about looking them up!

    chopped figs ro dates
    yeast or baking powder

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    Re: OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software Ubuntu CE

    Interesting; Thank you.

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    Re: OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software Ubuntu CE

    A small step forward for Linux, UbuntuCE and OpenLP.

    Our pastor, a relatively forward thinking young fellow, was greatly impressed with OpenLP and has asked for a demo for the elders on an UbuCE box no less!

    Our church is doing a "faith leap" and shedding the old building for a "store front" in a mall at a high traffic intersection, and on the other end from a C-W bar! lol

    No more "pews in rows", we are doing services "in the round" and one wall is all glass.. so that drivers by can see that something is going on! lol

    ....sometimes this author muses that maybe the Old Bard is looking down and smiling! ...or rolling his eyes!

    Things are going so well that the elders are considering having a mixed service with both hymnals and a projector so that if the youth numbers expand sufficiently we would be ready for a more "modern" service if the youth want it that way.

    During the discussions about what new building to move to The Pastor joked once that as Father Mulcahy used to say to Hawkeye on M.A.S.H. : "A little "Cross action" would be of help!" lol


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    Re: OpenLP Church Lyrics Projection Software Ubuntu CE

    This author has been in communication with the pastor of the church and the pastor has said that doing a "test run" of OpenLP might be a good idea prior to making the move to the storefront church.

    This author has "run the program" but is, perforce, not familiar with any "tricks and tips" about the software.

    If anyone has so done, in an actual church setting, and, if he or she could post such for the edification of all, this author would be greatly appreciative!



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