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Thread: Ubuntu keeps crashing (again after fresh install)

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    Ubuntu keeps crashing (again after fresh install)

    Hi all,

    My ubuntu box keeps crashing for (to me) unknown reasons. This happend with 12.04 and the problem remains after a fresh 12.10 install. It is very unclear what happens. As soon as the machine start random applications fail and I'm shown a window stating Ubuntu had an error and the application must be closed. It is a different application every time. Then at some moment, sometimes within a minute, sometimes after two days the machine just stops. Sometimes I just get a black screen, other times I get screens as in the photos I attached (different every time) and at other times there is no output to my screen at all anymore.

    I have no idea what information would be needed to tackle this problem but the output of lshw can be found here: LIST OF HARDWARE .

    Normally I would take a look in the logs but another unfortunate part of this problem is that >14GB of system log is created, which is, a lot.

    I have done a memcheck and diskcheck. No errors were found.

    Any hint on how to fix this problem is very welcome.
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