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Thread: Problem running Steam after upgrading to 12.10

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    Problem running Steam after upgrading to 12.10

    Hey, I love running my Gazelle Professional! I decided that I wanted to upgrade my computer to 12.10 because I liked some of the graphical changes, looked nicer. When I upgraded, however, I encountered an issue with my Steam Beta application. At first it would give me a whole bunch of errors from the terminal (and yes I had all the 32-bit dependencies involved, and I tried reinstalling steam and the 32-bit dependencies multiple times). After upgrading the System76 drivers and rebooting several times, I've now reached a point that when I go to the terminal and try to run steam, it just does nothing. The one thing that's different this time however is that there's a file now alongside the normal in the steam folder in the home folder. Has anyone else faced this issue and come up with a solution?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Problem running Steam after upgrading to 12.10

    How did you go about reinstalling the 32-bit libraries?
    Ian Santopietro - System76 Technical Support.
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