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Thread: Internet works randomly (frequent "Server not found messages")

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    Internet works randomly (frequent "Server not found messages")

    The internet works flawlessly on the Windows partition. It's not the case on ubuntu though.

    The strange thing is that the internet sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't - I keep pressing the F5 button over and over and then after about 20 keypresses it would load a webpage. Sometimes it just works.

    Tried different browsers, same result.

    Trying to run sudo apt-get update or installing any program USUALLY ends up with a "Could not fetch..." error. What should I do to solve this?

    What console output should I post?

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    Re: Internet works randomly (frequent "Server not found messages")

    Do you get the same behavior both wired and wireless (assuming you have both)? If so I would suspect an MTU discovery / fragmentation issue

    If it's only one or the other then I'd start by looking at your network hardware / drivers

    It would be useful to know what your network setup is (router? modem? DSL? cable? other devices on the LAN?)


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