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Thread: Unable to follow links

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    Unable to follow links

    I signed up for this forum so that I could find a solution to a problem I have recently encountered. I couldn't follow a link within a thread, after signing up I find I still cannot follow the link, furthermore it isn't the only link I can't follow.

    eg. ...

    I am presented with notices informing me I can't edit my profile in the control panel until I have contributed 25 posts ....

    The links I have tried to follow have nothing to do with the control panel, do you really require 25 posts before users can access information or is this an error?

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    Re: Unable to follow links

    The link you posted is for a thread that is in a special holding area that's only visible to forum staff. It's possible that Google (or another thread) has directed you to an out-of-date thread or one which has been jailed by staff.
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