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Thread: Ubuntu support for Netbooks

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    Question Ubuntu support for Netbooks

    Hi, I have asked this question before but have not received an answer.

    I have a netbook (Asus EeePC Seashell series 1015CX) and I wanted to put Ubuntu on it. However once I have made a Bootable USB and used the Test Mode the graphics that were present were unsatisfactory.
    I believe that my netbook has integrated graphics (I am not an expert). Windows is able to achieve 1024x600 where as Ubuntu was only able to get 800x600 - It looks messy.

    So, can you please advise me which of the newer versions of Ubuntu have FULL support for my netbook? My only concern so far is the graphic card, I do not have it installed currently because I do not want to keep something that does not work properly.

    I would appreciate your help very much.

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    Re: Ubuntu support for Netbooks

    Seems this model is certified, at least for pre installed installations.

    However, if you aren't happy with graphics performance in test mode, chances are it will be the similar in full install. As I understand, it would be the same drivers in both setups.

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    Re: Ubuntu support for Netbooks

    I am using an Acer Aspire One (three years old) which has, I believe, a similar integrated graphics controller. (Currently Linux Mint Mate 13)
    The CONTROL CENTER gives a MONITORS option which allows you to see the current resolution and set the available options. Mine give 1024 x 600 but also 800 x 600 and 640 x 480.

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