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Thread: Hardware Upgrade Asus Aspire 7750g + Ubuntu 12.10

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    Hardware Upgrade Asus Aspire 7750g + Ubuntu 12.10

    Hey guys,

    I'm not an expert when it comes to hardware so I wanted to gather some opinions about upgrading my Asus Aspire 7750G (2414G75Mn) notebook.

    Specifically, from 4GB ram to 8 or more and from S-ATA to SSD.

    The programs I use most often are Chrominium, Adobe Air Applications and a basic editor.

    Would it even make sense to go for an upgrade in such a case? If so, what would be the memory limit and what specific products do you recommend?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Hardware Upgrade Asus Aspire 7750g + Ubuntu 12.10

    *Quick note: it's an Acer, not an Asus

    An SSD is almost always a good idea, especially if it has enough storage. You'll see a tangible difference in boot speed, app loading time, and large file-moving operations. If you only have one drive bay, you just need to make sure the SSD will have enough space to hold all of your data. Also, your laptop may be one of those affected by this issue (which will be more likely to manifest with an SSD):,12108.html

    I'm not sure if Adobe Air is a RAM hog or not, but if it's not, upgrading to more RAM doesn't make sense unless you have a ton of browser tabs open at once. My suggestion would be to look at the free command to see if you still have free RAM when running Air:
    free -m

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    Re: Hardware Upgrade Asus Aspire 7750g + Ubuntu 12.10

    Okay, there's almost 2GB RAM available when I run the Adobe Air app.

    Concerning the SSD, how can I find out if I'll will the mentioned issue?

    Also, could you refer to some high quality SSD so that I can look them up on Amazon? In terms of storage I don't need much, 50, 60GB should be enough.


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