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Thread: Ubuntu in 2012

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    Re: Ubuntu in 2012

    I've been using Ubuntu since 2006, so for me the novelty has worn off. I think the release of 12.04 was a big step toward improving the look of Ubuntu, however they still have alot of work to do to improve the speed of Unity, the Dash and the Application Market. My computer is alot more powerful than my android devices, so I expect similar applications, with similar cababilities to function at a good speed.

    Other than the improvments to the look and feel, 2012 has been a relatively uneventful year for me when it comes to Ubuntu. Nothing has got me excited.

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    Re: Ubuntu in 2012

    Joined the many users of Linux and Ubuntu.
    that's my highlight

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    Re: Ubuntu in 2012

    I had been using Ubuntu since Dapper; Had installed on so many machines, friends and family loved using it.
    Now, there has been big changes since 10.10, which the app store starting to support paid for apps.. (and if a developer is getting paid, it drives need for well made apps, not that opensource isn't well made- but turn your attention to gaming with steam, and lets say one day Adobe Fans got their linux ports, Adobe wasn't gonna do it for free) Ubuntu starting to get its own signature DE (though right now, im more a fan of a different DE). The OS has become alot more stable and supportive of Hardware. 12.04.1 Being Probably the most stable and well running version ever.
    Companies that have started bring the Ubuntu OS, into the retailers realm (because not everyone using a computer in the world, knows you can download for free, and install it, and to have all the work done for you, is a plus- and you know its supported).
    Steam was the last real hurdle to make Ubuntu a viable alternative to any kind of user, from Office to Gaming.
    While there is some need for other software- well thats really just a matter of time...

    2012 (in my eyes) marked the Year it was truely ready for mainstream consumer usage, hard to believe it has come so far since first using Dapper.
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    Re: Ubuntu in 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by mythic97 View Post
    joined the many users of linux and ubuntu.
    That's my highlight

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