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Thread: Ubuntu 10.04

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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04

    Quote Originally Posted by mörgæs View Post
    Since noone has mentioned this yet, I have to chip in the classical "if you don't like Unity, have you tried Xubuntu?'
    i will back this with a screen-shot or two...
    edit: and a recording
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04

    10.04 is so outdated, I know that it is LTS, but who cares that they provide support for old softwares that are n versions behind? (Many people worry about Adobe abandoning flash yet Adobe promises 5 year support, why? It is the same idea)

    I have used 10.04 two years ago and I cannot imagine downgrading back, too many things will not work, too many features not even available and too many programs perform subpar in comparison to what we have today. If you don't like Unity use another DE or another flavour of Ubuntu. You have to upgrade anyway in next April when support runs out. Not saying that you must have the latest and greatest, but still using 10.04 is extremely conservative IMO (unless you have old hardware on which the newer releases don't work)

    I personally never like the two panel design and the "classic" menus, it is so last century, but DE can always be changed.
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04

    i run 10.04.4 on my main 1.8ghz C2D 2gb RAM workstation (old I know!) as well as my server (old dell dimension 8200) which runs MythTV (3 analog tuners as TWC still transmits analog signal over the internet line), transmission-daemon and Sabnzb+. Everything is stable and just works. Why would I upgrade? I run 12.04 on a Sony Vaio laptop.

    WHen I get new hardware I'll upgrade but for now everything works and that's the way it'll stay!

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