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Thread: Is there way to move the Unity launcher to the bottom?

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    Re: Is there way to move the Unity launcher to the bottom?

    So having heard such awful things about unity, I decided to just forego using it until now, since I need to develop an appindicator. Did we just go back in time and become worse than Microsoft? What the heck were they thinking!?? I find it astounding that I can't move the launcher without major contortions.
    The rest of my comments are unprintable, other than why anyone would want to use the interface?

    To the original op: You can install gnome-session-fallback, or one of the other window managers as suggested. I personally use xfce4 (which is essentially Xubuntu), and have used it ever since KDE went to their plasma desktop. I just hope xfce4 doesn't decide to re-write their interface, since it is completely configurable, and quite easy to do so. It is one of those interfaces that doesn't get in the way of getting real work done.


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    Re: Is there way to move the Unity launcher to the bottom?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Working workaround~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Just download Docky. You can autohide that launcher in the system settings >> appearance >> behavior tab. It will still be there but out of the way. To bring it back, just hit your superkey, the windows emblem key on your keyboard. It will appear for a few seconds to get into the main default launcher that comes by default with Ubuntu 12.10. Here is the link for docky, if you want to take a look over that app.


    To get into the options on docky, as it will install itself at the bottom of your screen running the code below,straight after its done after you input that code below, just hit on the anchor icon, there are options in there to change your docky to a taskbar with glass effects if you want. It is really customizable out of the box. It even starts up with what apps you had in your launcher by default. It can not get any simpler or more beautiful. It even has an autohide feature if you want in its options for a full screen experience and ACTUALLY works when you mouse over it, unlike the default launcher with Unity.

    It even comes with a "Window Dodge" option, where it will appear when you exit out of your web browser, and hide itself when you open up your web browser. Quite the amazing program. Great job by the developers for that app, I say.

    Here is the terminal code for docky.

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/stable
      sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install docky
    With the ppa, it will update with sudo apt-get update.

    I just tried it out and it works good. That launcher on the left side is just a big mistake with that unity interface.
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