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Thread: no sound on N40L

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    Exclamation no sound on N40L

    hi i have a problem, I just picked up an N40L, and installed Ubuntu onto it
    the graphics card with HDMI out i have is the ASUS radeon 6450 and it runs fine
    but there's no sound!
    i've updated the software already and I even selected to use proprietary software in the sources but nothing's changed... any suggestions?

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    Re: no sound on N40L

    Hi hengisis.

    Run 'Additional Drivers' in order to check if the AMD/ATI proprietary driver supports your card. You'll have better chances of the sound working using it.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: no sound on N40L

    Hey thanks for reply
    I installed the properitary drivers and after a reset, and logging in again, the sound works, but the graphics become very very slow, and there's no icons at all on the home screen
    I thought it was a resolution issue, so right clicking on the home screen gets me into settings but no matter the display size I can't see any icons
    However when I plug in a USB, it works and the music plays...
    Changing back to non proprietary causes same issues - no sound again but the home screen and graphics are ok.


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