Hi all,

On my old laptop now runs Xubuntu 10.04. Everything works fine, except for the wireless network. When using the live cd it detected my network card (Broadcom 4306), installed it and I could see all networks including my own. Now that I have Xubuntu installed all of a sudden, after a few days, it does not detect networks anymore. Needless to say, I can't connect to any network whatsoever except for when I plug in my ethernet cable.

I checked everything and there seem to be no problems.... the hardware runs just fine, software is installed through jockey-gtk and I can manually dis- and enable the adapter. I have found no clues in the system diagnostics (lsmod, lspci and the other usual tools report no errors). I am at a loss here, and close to pulling my hair out.

Minor detail: there does not seem to be any b43 firmware package in the repositories, might that be a problem??

Anyway, I would GREATLY appreciate any help. Thank you.

/ Harm.