Greetings all,

A minor issue - but a rather irritating one.

I'm on Linux Ubuntu Dream Studio, using a Vodafone Contract mobile broadband dongle for internet connection. Although it can be a bit slow, now and then, it has always been working fine; no major problems, so far.

Since recently, however, I keep getting Vodafone password authentication request messages. This error message appears every 10-20 minutes, when I'm online, and each time click it away, the connection conks out. On reconnecting once again, the system tells me I'm online, but the connection manager (top bar, next to the speaker icon) keeps blinking as if still searching for a network connection, Or else the connection manager indicates that I'm online, but the system will saya -at the same time, that I'm not!

A few elements seem to be conflicting here, I have no idea what my password is. But I'd surely like to get rid of these pesky authentication messages, Any suggestiond sd to how,,,?

Thanks very much.