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Thread: Changing tray icons

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    Changing tray icons

    I'm making a more serious stab at using KDE4 than I have in the past, so I'm not really sure how things *should* work in some cases.

    Case in point - I have changed through a few different icon themes, and none of them seem to change the tray icons. Is this handled separately from the rest of the system icons somehow?

    This is a nearly fresh install of Kubuntu 13.04 - various tweaks in the week since I installed it, but nothing crazy...

    I'd really like to get rid of those gradient-laden monochrome tray icons and go to something flatter (dare I say it - more like the default Ubuntu tray icons) - it's actually nearly my last visual complaint. But I can't seem to change them *at all*.

    Being that this is KDE, I'd be surprised if this is something that requires me to do it manually, but darn if I can figure it out.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?


    Edit: I'm talking about the standard indicators, Klipper, Network Status, Volume, etc...)
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    Re: Changing tray icons

    System tray icons are set as part of KDE's plasma theming;

    That said, if you've changed to a plasma theme that does not contain it's own icons then KDE will continue to use the default oxygen set.

    Edit: If you wanted to use a different icon set you would simply put them in the ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/you_preferred_theme/icons
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