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Thread: Upgrade or ndiswrapper?

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    Question Upgrade or ndiswrapper?


    I have been having lots of problems with my wireless connection. Either it is slow or it won't persist for more than 30 seconds. I am using the ath5k driver. I have tried various fixes. Is upgrading to the latest LTS version or trying to use ndiswrapper more likely to succeed? I'm on Version 11 LTS currently.

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    Re: Upgrade or ndiswrapper?

    There is no version 11 LTS, so if you're on 11.04 you have al;ready lost support; if you are on 11.10, you will only get support for another 4 months.

    If I were you I would move to 12.04. I have no idea if that will solve your wireless problem, but you will need to upgrade the distro soon, so why not now.

    You can use the gnome-panel fallback classic desktop if you want to very easily. See if that is your choice.
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