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Thread: browse NFS shares from fresh ubuntu install?

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    Post browse NFS shares from fresh ubuntu install?

    We have a one segment lan with no frills. The always on media center has some NFS shares, some restricted to certain IP addresses. It has two samba shares so the windows maachines can put files in a certain applications blackhole directory.

    How can one browse NFS shares of another machine? This would be handy when I do not remember the entire list as can happen when I haven't eaten recently

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    Re: browse NFS shares from fresh ubuntu install?

    Have you looked under "network" in the file manager? You should be able to see them there.

    EDIT: Oops, that's not right. I was thinking of Samba shares...
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    Re: browse NFS shares from fresh ubuntu install?

    Sadly, there is no built-in graphical NFS browser for Ubuntu.
    You can install package nfs-common and execute this command in a terminal
    showmount -e  <server address>
    This will give you a list of shares.
    You can then proceed to mount the desired share manually of through an fstab entry.
    sudo mount -t nfs <server>:/<share> <mount point>
    Dolphin, the KDE file manager, will let you browse NFS shares provided you know the server address. Hit Ctrl-L and type
    It's a bit clumsy though, it treats an NFS share like an FTP site. A filesystem mount is much more seamless, it's behaves just like a local directory.

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