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Thread: choosing a new laptop for Ubuntu installation

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    choosing a new laptop for Ubuntu installation

    My laptop that ran Ubuntu 12.04 died a couple of days ago. I'm traveling a lot lately and want to get a new one within a day or two. I also want service protection, so I plan to buy directly from a store.

    This limits my choices, but based on various factors I've tentatively decided to buy either an Asus Q400A-BHI7N03 ( or a Samsung NP520U4C-A01UB (

    I'd like to hear from others about their experience running Ubuntu on one of these laptops, particularly what problems they encountered and whether they could find easy fixes.

    I'd also like to hear about running Windows 8 in VMWare player. Does it run smoothly? Any glitches?

    Thank you for your responses.
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