I have mplab 8.88 which is Microchip IDE running in Wine with no problem except I cant get either a PICKIT 2, PICKIT3 or ICD2 to talk to MPLAB 8.88. I am running Ubuntu 12.04. These 3 tools are debugger/programmers and I want to run them from within MPLAB 8.88 if its possible. I am new to ubuntu and have seen posts for getting PICKIT 2 to run from terminal commands but I would rather run either one of these 3 from within MPLAB 8.88.
I use these tools at work running under Windows with no major issues. I don't see any recent posts anywhere for MPLAB 8.88 running under Wine on Ubuntu 12.04 so I think everyone is using PIKLAB but I would prefer MPLAB 8.88. Thanks