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Thread: Backup Permission denied?

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    Re: Backup Permission denied?

    It's just a partition table, everyone pretty much uses MSDOS partition tables, and everyone is transitioning into GPT soon as we've hit the upper limits of MSDOS partition tables.

    GPT has many advantages however Windows can't boot from it unless you have a newer UEFI setup instead of the old BIOS setup, this is all moot since your just using it for a backup disk

    Anyways, changing the partition table will destroy all partitions and data on the disc, so take any files off. Select the disk in gparted just like in your screenshot, make sure it's unmounted, then click devices and create partition table, select GPT from the drop-down menu. Then feel free to create partitions and format them to the desired file system.
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    Re: Backup Permission denied?

    I do appoligise for the reply. I has been a while and didn't realize that there was a page 2. This worked for me. Thank you very much! Why would you want to use GPT or MSDOS? And why would you use MSDOS tables in linux? thanks!

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