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Thread: Nautilus SendTo or Script or Action

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    Nautilus SendTo or Script or Action

    12.04 LTS

    I want to move selected files back and forth from my Windows 7 Home Premium (absolute $%## network support in Home Premium) c:\users\public ... to my ubuntu box var\wwww.

    I tried installing nautilus scripts and script manager, it does not show up anywhere that I can see in Nautilus.

    So tried sendto. If I select removable and shares, it will show me a box with "users on mypc" ; however, when I hit send, nothing goes to mypc. I can't change the box to anything. I would want to send to smb://mypc/users/public.

    So anyway I can point and click to move files back and forth would be helpful. Change options in Sendto, get scripts working, try Actions.

    Another option would be to do somthing from within jedit. I have been searching for how to reference the current file and do a macro or script; but sill no luck

    If View the Extra PANE in Nautilus, I can ->right click ->copy to or move to the ->"other pane" even though on my machine it looks like
    extra pane is greyed out
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    I wrote my first shell script in 5 minutes, it took me a day to figure out you needed to put a . in front of it to get it to execute.


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