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Thread: Linux on Symbol / Motorola MC75A(6)

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    Red face Linux on Symbol / Motorola MC75A(6)

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    Hi everyone,

    I'll be honest with all and I'll say that I am an M$ kiddo. My knowledge never goes deeper than a little bit of building M$ server (using IIS build-in services) and a little bit of Windows debugger.
    I know that's actually nothing, comparing to knowledge of "managing linux-base systems". I had even tried these my self, but couldn't get through command prompt in linux...(Ubuntu, Mandriva most).

    I am user of Motorola EDA (Symbol) MC75 [A6] with build in Windows Mobile 6.5 Proffesional. Device spec:

    CPU: Intel XScale ("Monahan") PXA320 (806 MHz)
    Memory: 256MB RAM, Storage: 1 GB, microSD (SDHC up to 32GB)
    Display: 3.5” VGA, 640x480
    Touch Panel: Glass analog -resistive touch
    Battery: Lithium Ion: 3.7V, 3600 mAh (13.3 Wh)

    [RedBoot] BOOT LOADER

    I think it would be the most important about it. If more necessary:

    I just have enough of this M$ sh^t... Hoping I could get a little help to manage Linux-base system instalation on it, the latest possibly compatible sys with ARM (v5 - end of 2006) processors would be DEBIAN or MINT PPC. I will post same message on Mint forum (can't register at the moment). I have spent whole week, reading thousands posts and websites about Androids, Linux, Symbian...and I am "sick of it"...There is everything for Nokia's, HTC's, I-thing's...etc, but nothing...absolutely nothing about this PPC. And even if I found something, software and everything are linux-kind - don't really know what to do with them on WinMobile... I know M$ is not open-source, I would love to get rid of it...

    I don't care about phone function's, because this device is retired ;p I use it only for some recreation when I am at home (music/streaming/video/www etc).
    If some drivers would be necessary to be build for audio device or similar, the only thing I could help is providing Windows Registry Keys / Drivers from the device. That's what would be for me.
    I know that there are other people using MC70 / MC75 (similar build) that are interested with "Moving Windows/System to trash"

    Let's help some of us to Bin M$, and let us use a little more from those devices.
    I am not native-english speaker so apologizes for misunderstandings.

    I would like to add also, there are many informations about Ubuntu for / not for PPC...I even found some distro's for PPC but don't even know which distro (if)is supporting Intel XScale...
    I Apologize but I am confused...some wiki-pages confirm Ubuntu for PPC, some deny... I would actually go for any Linux distro just not to see Windows Mobile ever again...

    Hmm...I have just realized about LAN Port in cradle docking station for this device...OMG
    Would it be possible to bite it all together with on-line Linux installer? ;D ...I'll keep looking more this way maybe...

    P.S. Posted also at Debian Forum:

    Thank You for any replays,
    Glad to be here ;]


    As long this topic will persist without response I will keep posting what I have found and on what stage I am currently stucked.

    [REDBOOT] website gave me some more options to look for. REDBOOT does allow me "net booting" futures. I have actually no clue what to do next, so I am not digging more about netbooting. I have already learn a lesson how it is easy to damage BIOS structure - my knowledge is not high enough to dig any least just for now.

    I will focus on "HDD Booting" method at this stage. It should give me some help-back door in case something goes wrong.

    I am actually stuck how to even see hidden files within the device...

    I will use HARET to test linux;

    According to some info's, I think I should pick:
    armel (omap, omap4)-> Is Intel XScale Pxa 320 "armel OMAP" CPU?

    Note: because there are no longer lists of any "ARMEL" distros, had to pick this: [DOWNLOAD]

    If everything goes the way it should...I will present video of that Linux test soon.

    Stuck with Ubuntu 11.04 image is a *.raw file with file size 2 gb (o . O)

    more infos soon...
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